We have answered that call and since 2008 the Lord has helped us train over 5,000 church leaders in the nation of India. Consider this: India has 1.27 billion people (1/6th of the world population); 78% of Indians are Hindu; 80% live in villages; village pastors are typically poor and lack basic Bible training. We train village pastors. They are experiencing revival and their churches are growing! Our passion is for pastors.


Brad Hunt


I am an ordained Assemblies of God Pastor with 30 years of pastoral experience. The Lord called me in 2006 to become a missionary to the poor pastors of Andhra Pradesh, India.


Short Term Minister Abroad
Acct. #2234458

Passion for Pastors

Missions Status

As a Short Term Minister Abroad, my ministry is closely connected with the Assemblies of God District in Andhra Pradesh, India. We have been welcomed by the district officials and we serve Assemblies of God pastors and churches. However, our ministry reaches beyond our AG brothers and is impacting pastors of all denominations.

CrossTrek World Ministries has partnered with the Andhra Pradesh Assemblies of God District and therefore has qualified for a missions account with the Assemblies of God World Missions department. is my online portal therefore my name will not come up in the traditional missionary search.

The pastor's family faces unique challenges similar to all who lead. There is a natural scrutiny from the congregation and expectations may be unrealistic considering the fact the pastor is supposed to be "the shepherd" leading the flock. Scripture says a man who cannot run his own household is unfit to lead a church, therefore pressure builds in a pastor's family and the kids feel it. We started a Pastor's Kids day camp in 2014 and it has been hugely successful. The pastors take care to bring their kids and our camp speaker is always a dynamic young adult with passion for Christ. PK's (Pastor's Kids) get a lively program which is fun and challenging. Toward the end, pastors are asked to get with their kids for prayer and it is touching to see the results. Parents and kids give testimonies of how the Lord ministered to them during the day. After the program the kids get personal gifts and everyone enjoys a nice meal.

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CrossTrek Ministries Board

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CROSSTREK WORLD MINISTRIES is a 501©3 non-profit corporation based in Minnesota and managed by a board of directors. All donations are tax deductible.

Our calling is to pastors

  • We go to them.
  • We love them.
  • We give to them.
  • We teach them.
  • We encourage them.
  • We pray with them.
  • We honor and serve them

We believe ...

  • Jesus is Savior, God, and King.
  • The Bible is infallible, inerrant, and authoritative.
  • The Holy Spirit lives in, fills, and empowers believers.
  • People must be born again through faith in Jesus.
  • God is the Father of all who believe in Jesus.
  • The church is established by God to make disciples.
  • Eternal separation from God awaits us if we refuse salvation.

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